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Unforgettable homestay experiences

  Memorable homestay experiences are part of the study-abroad journey. At a time when there are multiple modes of education for customers to choose from, in-person learning remains as popular as ever.
Students go to a new country to enrich themselves and develop as young adults. Those who have studied overseas during their youth will tell you that it was the best time of their lives. Study Vision is delighted to be part of this life-changing voyage. We received this message recently, from two Thai students who had completed an English language course in a popular college in Melbourne’s central business district: We are leaving Rhonda’s homestay today. Thank you very much for finding the good homestay for us – Vorada and Chayanan The benefits of the cultural exchange were clearly mutual. The homestay host, Rhonda, of Brighton, Melbourne, enjoyed it immensely, too. She presented each of her departing children with a gift to remember her by. Homestay experiences leave unforgettable impressions for both students and their host parents. Thank you and congratulations to Rhonda, for being such a great ambassador. You have shown the best of our culture to international guests who will always remember you and our country fondly. A happy farewell!