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Tony and I have been hosting Home Stay students from China since our 1st Student Kresta arrived approx 2008 through Marina and Study Vision. We enjoy having them in our home and have had many students over the years stay for between 3-8 years with us. They only leave to return to China permanently or to live with their partners here in Australia. Those still here in Australia visit or call regularly and we have also visited our past students in China a few times attending their weddings and meeting their families. We also keep in touch via WeChat with them, and they are part of our extended family. We like learning about their culture and showing them the Australian Culture. We take them Camping, show them around the area and spending time with them in our home so they feel welcome and comfortable when they are so far away from their families. I want them to be treated in a way that I would expect for our children if they were living away from home in another country. Marina and Study Vision have been a wonderful support for us, making sure we feel supported with being Homestay Hosts and answering any questions we may have.