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Just like a family

When international students come to Australia, they are away from family and friends they have known all their lives. Some international students are barely old enough to have developed competent living skills. Many international students are using English as a non-native language to study challenging courses in universities and colleges. For students on their own, it becomes all the more important to have the support of family. Because members of a family care for and help each other. And when we match students with the right homestay host, the bond is just like it is with their own family. We are sharing this special story from Linda of Glen Waverley, Melbourne. Linda wrote this to us:
I wanted to narrate a very sweet and kind gesture on the part of one of our ex-students, Frank. Frank left our homestay a couple of months ago as he had a change in his university and it was no longer feasible for his commute. We got a surprise call and visit from Frank over the weekend. He had received a package from his mother in China in which she had sent him some face masks as a guard against the current crisis. Frank came over to make sure we had some protection, and gave masks for our family so we could stay safe! I wanted to say a special thank you to Study Vision for the high calibre of students provided by you, who make for a very memorable and substantial quality host experience. It is touching incidents like this that make the relationship of hosting such an irreplaceable connection.
A big thank you to Linda. The pleasure is all ours.